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30_confessions's Journal

30 Confessions Drabble Community
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Welcome to the 30 Confessions Drabble Community!


1. Join the community.
2. Choose a pairing.
3. Look here to see if the pairing is still free and to claim it. Up to three users can claim a pairing.


1. Claims Post
2. Posting a Story
3. Finished Claims Post
4. Hall of Fame
5. Dropping a Claim
6. Affiliates Post
7. FAQ



1. Up to three people can claim a pairing at a time. Please only do one claim at a time, and please, no threesomes.
2. All drabbles must involve the theme of "confession" somehow. This doesn't mean that every drabble needs to have a newfound proclamation of love. It could be a confession to an unhealthy obsession with toast. Just make sure that there is a confession of some sort in each story.
3. Please post at least once a month. If you need to go on hiatus, please tell me and I will understand, but if a month goes by without a post or explanation, you will be taken off the claims list in order to free your claim for other users.
4. Please post all stories under an lj-cut. Ratings can be whatever you wish, but please make sure all drabbles are at least 100 words.
5. No flames. This will mean instant dismissal from the community.
6. Please use the key phrase "confusion leads the last waltz" in the subject line of your claim so I know that you have read the rules.
7. Above all . . . . HAVE FUN! I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


Prompt List:

1. Touch // Make me feel alive
2. Rivalry // Catch me if you can
3. Life // Can't waste a single moment
4. Sweet // You're better than anything
5. Shy // Wish I could tell you
6. Match // We go together
7. Beauty // You teach the stars to shine
8. Silence // Don't shatter this moment
9. Jealousy // You can't catch love with an arrow or gun
10. Sound // If music be the food of love, play on
11. Loss // Leave it all behind
12. Devotion // What can I do to make you love me?
13. Lonely // Wish you were here
14. Content // Only place I want to be is with you
15. Trust // Would I lie to you?
16. Look // Heaven in your eyes
17. Endurance // I'll never let go
18. Faith // Catch me when I fall
19. Distracted // Thinking of you the whole time
20. Longing // I'm always chasing rainbows
21. Doubt // Do you love me?
22. Pain // I want it to stop
23. Time // The minutes seem like hours
24. Heart // Why do I feel like this?
25. Dream // Wish upon a star
26. Bliss // I don't want this moment to end
27. Heal // Make me whole again
28. Trial // We'll make it through together
29. Happiness // Make the most of it
30. Always // Don't ever leave me